Reiki Treatment works for healing Diabetes


Diabetes can be treated with Reiki and especially, Type 2 Diabetes can be treated well with Reiki healing therapies. This might make you think that why it’s not so beneficial for Type 1 patients..So, here is the explanation…

Type 1 diabetes is caused due to improper production of insulin in pancreas of patient. It is an incurable disease and a patient requires additional injection of insulin for breaking blood sugars. The patient also has to keep a track of their blood sugar levels to avoid excessive or deficient levels. Immediate sugar rushes are always unpleasant for the body. Type 1 diabetic patients have to maintain their sugar levels to get better going. Injecting wrong amount of insulin or eating little can lead to dangerous consequences for patients.

Type 2 diabetes has a little wrong going and affects the whole body. In this condition, the body cells become resistive to absorption of insulin and hence, there is improper processing of blood sugar. This is managed by diet, but one has to be particular about blood sugar levels. If diet is under control and efforts are made to get managed sugar in-take, type 2 diabetes won’t be dangerous.

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Reason for not using Reiki for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

The main reason behind not using Reiki for Type 1 Diabetic patients is that it might work very quickly for them. There will be immediate fluctuations in sugar levels, which is not a good sign for human body. Moreover, it is not possible for patients to keep track of their sugar levels and it might lead to dangerous consequences for them. Reiki can fluctuate sugar levels, but the rate is unknown. The main issue is that Reiki is not dangerous, but irregularity in getting blood sugar levels checked can be dangerous. If blood sugar levels drop to lowest level, then diabetic coma and fatal condition can occur. Reiki can enable your pancreas to produce a good amount of insulin, which can be an overdose. It can lead to a dangerous condition for your body.

Your Reiki practitioner will analyze your body condition and let you know whether getting Reiki treatment can be really good for you or not. No Reiki Master wants anything wrong for their clients and hence, it is better to be safe. Reiki provides holistic treatment and hence, the management of your disease has to be done in a right way for you. Type 2 Diabetes can be managed well with Reiki as it can holistically make betterment of your body cells by introducing positive energy in your body.


  1. Thanks for liking the article…Type 1 diabetic patients are never suggested to use Reiki treatment…If your sister is diabetic, she should go strictly in accordance to the medications and preventions given by specialist doctor.

  2. Reiki Rays,
    I am Reiki master I am in contact with one know patient with type I Diabetes.
    My question is; is it not other way out to cure Type I with Reiki ?
    How can we let go such patients under our nose. As a Reiki Practitioner I feel very pity and sorry on myself as well as on Reiki that we dont have any Reiki treatment.
    Pl. guide what to do.

    • sir,
      I am a reiki grandmaster in Reiki and i take classes for it in Delhi ,i undertake many other courses also in spirituality if interested please call on my mobile. I can teach upto Grandmasters level and i even undetake healings
      God Bless You

    • My Name is Karan I am from Delhi . I am suffering from problems like insomia , depression, anxiety, diabeties type-ii , poor eyesight , fatigue, tiredness, boredom , obesity . I have seen truth in your words sentences . I am researching for a long period of time of a person who can teach reiki to me but i would like to start this in navratra that is 5 oct 2013. You can be in contact with me in the email-id

  3. I am type 2 diabetic since last sugar level fast is 140 n post is 180 to 200. Can rely help in maintaining normal levels, also I want to learn deli so that I can help people around me…..umrigar

  4. Good article, however; I must correct something that is stated about NIDDM Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (formerly called Type I). Type I diabetes is caused due to a failure of the pancreas to produce insulin at all. That is why it is incurable. Perhaps in the near future, we will see healthy pancreases grown in laboratories from healthy stem cells, so we can once and for all cure this debilitating disease. Thank you for sharing!

    • I’m sorry, I incorrectly stated the type of diabetes in my previous response. NIDDM is Type II and IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) is Type I diabetes. Anyway, I continued reading the article after I responded. I see it was written a few years ago, so I will stop posting here. LOL Many happy blessings to all!

  5. Hi i have chronic pancreatitis with stone in pancreas. My doc saying my diabetes is 3c type. I dont absorb food easily that is why deficient. Cam reiki heal my pancreas?

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