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We believe everybody should live a life of joy, love, and peace. We believe Reiki can help us get there faster.

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Guardian angel with wings as a symbol of safety and security

How to Have a Powerful Relationship with Your Guardian Angels?

Article by Ashima Gautam All those learners of healing therapies are always curious about Guardian Angels. I was also one among them when He got me alert to my life

Embracing Your Power With Reiki & Bear Energy

Embracing Your Power With Reiki & Bear Energy

When you bring Reiki into your life you will notice that the Universe tries to communicate with you in amazing ways. One of these is through the use of symbols. Often

Reiki and Meditation

Meditation to Clear the Mind of Negative Energy

Healing the mind must be on our list of priorities. It is way too easy for the mind to fill up with unnecessary clutter. If we allow the mind to accumulate clutter, it

Reiki and Meridians

Using Reiki on Energy Meridians

Article by Liz Rowlands Reiki purists insist that knowledge of the body’s energy system is not required when giving Reiki as the Reiki energy will flow into the body

Slow Down and Experience the Path

Slow Down and Experience the Path

We get very used to thinking of life as a series of events, and often as a series of problems to be solved. This turns into a way of life and becomes ingrained into our


Are You Ready for a Change?

Are you ready for a change? The answer to this question will positively be in affirmation after having an experience of Reiki attunement. I have always been in awe of

Heal Smoking Addiction- Case Story

Case Study: Heal Smoking Addiction

Smoking is one of the worst and deadliest addiction a person can develop. It’s a slow poison that kills a person daily bit by bit. About three months back, a woman