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Bath Gratitude

Keeping your energy clear and your vibration high can be a challenge at times. When there is a lot of unsettling news in the world, it becomes even more challenging than usual. Of course, we know Reiki helps with this, but having other tools is useful, too. One of the most helpful tools we can [...]

Reiki Pill for Your Relationships

Reiki Pill Relationship

Article by Akshayaa Selvaraj "Hate is not conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love. This law is eternal."  - Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) Relationships are the biggest assets when nurtured with love, but the deepest downfall when nurtured with ego and hatred. Even though a person has all the riches of the world, best clothes [...]

Reiki & Black Magic

Reiki & Black Magic

Being surrounded by black magic can be due to someone else sending it to you, to being in the wrong place at the wrong time or to dabbling in it yourself. Energy used in a bad way is unhealthy and can have dramatic results in your life. It is the opposite of love and peace [...]

Ear Chakras

Ear Chakras

We are very much aware of 7 basic chakras. In addition to those, there are many more chakras in our human subtle body. Each chakra has a function and its specific relevance. I wish to share some information in this article about our ear chakras. One of the most what I call as underrated chakras, [...]

Reiki and Crystals

Reiki and Crystals

While traditional Reiki doesn't involve crystals, over the years many practitioners discovered that crystals work beautifully with Reiki. This is why you’ll often see crystal healing taught by Reiki teachers. There are many ways to use crystals during a Reiki session. Here are a few guidelines based on my own experience with crystal healing. 1. [...]

Restless Legs Reiki

http://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0055_M104.mp3 Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Hello, I wish to find out how to treat someone with restless legs. Thank you. This is Angie Webster with Reiki Rays. You have asked how to treat someone with restless leg syndrome. This would best be accomplished over the course [...]

Tigers Eye and Reiki

Tigers Eye Reiki

I am back with my very favorite topic and that is Crystals. So, after writing about Black Tourmaline, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian and Lapis lazuli, today I am giving a brief description about Tigers Eye. Tigers eye, a multipurpose stone with the healing properties that covers most aspects of life brings harmony and [...]

Teaching and Healing Opportunities

Reiki Teaching

Recently I taught a Reiki class from hell. Dare I say this, out myself this way? What will my peers think of me? Does anyone else ever feel this way after a difficult class? Am I not worthy to be called a Reiki Master? Is my greatest fear coming true that I do not deserve [...]

Reiki Heal Past Harm

http://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0054_M103.mp3 Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Hi, I understand that Reiki can be used retrospectively to go back and heal situations that have occurred in the past. How is this carried out? For example, if you caused pain to somebody some years ago and you wanted to [...]

Lightarian Reiki

Lightarian Reiki

Lightarian Reiki is an expanded form of Reiki for Usui and Karuna Reiki Masters who wish to continue their spiritual journey and bring their healing to a higher level. This form of Reiki is a gift of Ascended Master Buddha that uses higher vibrational bands for a broader, more powerful Reiki connection. There are eight [...]