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We believe everybody should live a life of joy, love, and peace. We believe Reiki can help us get there faster.

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Shy Red Dalhia

Healing World Wounds

When we look around us at the world today, we may ask "what can I do to help?" It is common to feel overwhelmed and helpless when we see all the destruction, violence,

moonlight walk

Reiki for a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you wish you could sleep like a baby? On a scale of one to ten, with ten being excellent, how would you rate the quality of your own sleep? Personally, I do not

Rosularia at sunset

In my Own Personal Experience: Healing the Throat Chakra

A small melanoma was discovered on my lower lip after a visit to the dermatologist. I thought it was a simple skin tag, and went to the dermatologist to have it removed