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Raise Vibration Reiki

Raising Your Vibration in Less than 60 Seconds

Here is a technique that combines the use of Sahaja Yoga, Affirmations, the power of...
Reiki Upgraded – New Energies are coming!

Reiki Upgraded – New Energies Are Coming!

Reiki, as a messenger of the Universal Life Force Energy, has been joining us on...
Other Application of Energy-2

Technique for the Healing of the Heart

Negative feelings, of which resentment, rage and guilty are probably the most common, are like...
Reiki Healing Mother Earth

Reiki Healing Mother Earth – An Initiative

We call our planet Mother because of its nurturing aspects. We can send healing everyday...
Healing Menstrual Cramp Pain with Reiki

Case Study – Healing Menstrual Cramp Pain with Reiki

Article by Shubhada Kumbhar I was on a weekend trip with friends to a friend's countryside farmhouse....
Tulip Passion Reik

Tulip Passion Reiki

Alec Summers received this system of Reiki during meditation from spirit after being attuned to...
Healing Lessons from Archangel Michael

Healing Lessons from Archangel Michael

At times, it feels like being on the healing path is a feat. 1. There are...
Use Raw or Polished Stones & Crystals In Reiki Sessions?

Does It Matter If We Use Raw or Polished Stones and Crystals in Reiki Sessions?

Does it change the energy of the energy conveyed in a Reiki session, if the...
Removing dark entities

Removing Dark Entities – Part 2 of 2 – Removal

Notice: This is just an article to describe one way (there are many) to remove...
The Word Reiki

The Word Reiki

The word “Reiki” has significant meaning, incorporating layers of understanding and wisdom. The first three...
Remembering why Reiki

Remembering Why Reiki

Sometimes we stop doing our self-Reiki practice because we forget why we started in the...
How to Tackle the Winter Blues with Reiki

How to Tackle the Winter Blues with Reiki

Winter can be an unpleasant time of year for many people who like to be...
How I lost weight Through Reiki

How I Lost Weight through Reiki

Having obesity or being overweight is quite a growing struggle in today’s time. The hectic...
Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

Reiki self treatment is emphasized in all Reiki systems. It is generally presented as a...
Miracle Pearls Meditation

Miracle Pearls Meditation

“PRAYER is when you talk to God                       MEDITATION is when God talks to you” The benefits...

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