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Podcast - Lower Chakras

Podcast – The Importance of Lower Chakras

Here’s the podcast for the "The Importance of Lower Chakras"

How to Improve Intuition for Enhanced Reiki Treatments

How to Improve Intuition for Enhanced Reiki Treatments

Establishing a deep connection with clients during Reiki sessions is an essential aspect of offering the highest quality service. Of course, there is no requirement to

Healing with Bay Leaf

Healing with Bay Leaf

A Google search on the folklore and the use of bay leaf will lead you to exciting descriptions on how this leaf/tree had come into prominence for its magical properties

Diversify Psychic Attacks

Diverting Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are basically negative energies or negative intentions directed towards us knowingly or unknowingly. One of my previous article 6 Psychic Protection

Migraines after Reiki

Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #26: Both my client and I had migraines and other symptoms after Reiki healing. What’s going on? Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Question by Sheila: Hello, my


Misconceptions of the Attunement Process

Science has a habit of supporting spiritual teachings even though they may first appear to be at odds with one another. For years science and spiritual teachings were

Lisa Rose Reiki Intuitive

Reiki as a Vehicle for Telepathic Communication

Imagine wanting to communicate with a loved one who is not able to communicate at all. Now imagine your loved one is able to communicate energetically, but not physically