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Black Tourmaline Magick

Black Tourmaline Magick

Hello Beautiful Souls! Today I shall share a beautiful method of removing blockages from one’s life....


This is a very simple and effective technique that can be used in any moment...
BEAUTIFUL YOU with Reiki and Crystals

Beautiful You with Reiki and Crystals

Hello All! I am really very excited to write about this topic as I love...
Using Reiki to Help Channel Beneficial Frequencies by Kriss Erickson

Using Reiki to Help Channel Beneficial Frequencies

Reiki is universal life force energy, the energy that animates all living things. As such,...
Create Suitable Body Temperature Through Reiki

Create Suitable Body Temperature through Reiki

Reiki is miraculous. If you have been practicing it, you would have had wonderful experiences...
When Emotions Are Stirred Up

When Emotions Are Stirred Up

A few months ago, a Reiki client came in for her second session. She told...
Rainbow Chakra Chi balls

Rainbow Chakra Chi Balls

What is Chi? Chi is the Chinese word for energy. Chi or Qui literally translates as...
What does Reiki do

What does Reiki do?

Article by Sarah Chapman “Sometimes Reiki doesn't seem all peaches n’ cream like you expect it to...
Reiki for Distress

Reiki for Distress – An Instant Approach

Distress is a simple word with in-depth meaning. Occasionally we face unpleasant situations and suffer...
The stellar gateway and Reiki

The Stellar Gateway and Reiki

From last few thousands of years, we as a human have experienced a lot related...
Are you addressing the right area for relationships healing

Reiki and Soul Healing – Are You Addressing the Right Area for Relationships Healing?

I am going to introduce you to the concept of a powerful technique that healed...
Reiki Tips

Reiki Tips

As a Reiki practitioner, we may have to face several kinds of patient’s issues, mainly...
Heal you Heart

Heal Your Heart

Hello, beautiful souls! How are we doing today? I thought to share a beautiful heart meditation...
Reading the Body’s Energy and the Three Pillars of Reiki

Reading the Body’s Energy and the Three Pillars of Reiki

Reiki is sentient Source energy that is available to all beings. Reiki is one of...
Your guide to self love

Your Guide to Self Love

Being able to love yourself is one of the most important milestones of spiritual evolution. Self-love...

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