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We believe everybody should live a life of joy, love, and peace. We believe Reiki can help us get there faster.

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Anxiety and Claustrophobia

Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #23: What Might Have Caused Anxiety or Claustrophobia for my Clients? Other answers to the same question by Tammy Hatherill here and by Kathi Rancourt is here. Ask your own

Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power !

I received this real life unedited story from a lady called Penelope. This is her experience with her Reiki guru, his control over her life and how she took back her

Anger, Our Teacher

Anger, Our Teacher

The first of the Reiki principles is usually worded, “Just for today, I will not anger.” This is frequently taken in a somewhat dogmatic way, as a command or an order


Reiki for Everyday Objects – Part 2

This article is the 2nd part of the series “Reiki for Everyday Objects”. Let’s begin to look at 5 more everyday objects that we can use Reiki on and the benefits

Reiki for Animals

Podcast – Reiki for Animals

Here’s the podcast for the "Reiki for Animals" article. Enjoy! To download the MP3, right

Prayer Position

Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #22: Should I Put my Hands in the Prayer Position and Invoke Higher Beings Every Time I Send Reiki? Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Question

Blessed Bucks

Blessed Bucks

The concept of ‘Blessed Bucks’ was originated from the belief that whatever you do, returns to you ten folds. The ‘Blessed Bucks’ concept was originated as money