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Removing dark entities

Removing Dark Entities – Part 2 of 2 – Removal

Notice: This is just an article to describe one way (there are many) to remove...
The Word Reiki

The Word Reiki

The word “Reiki” has significant meaning, incorporating layers of understanding and wisdom. The first three...
Remembering why Reiki

Remembering Why Reiki

Sometimes we stop doing our self-Reiki practice because we forget why we started in the...
How to Tackle the Winter Blues with Reiki

How to Tackle the Winter Blues with Reiki

Winter can be an unpleasant time of year for many people who like to be...
How I lost weight Through Reiki

How I Lost Weight through Reiki

Having obesity or being overweight is quite a growing struggle in today’s time. The hectic...
Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

Reiki self treatment is emphasized in all Reiki systems. It is generally presented as a...
Miracle Pearls Meditation

Miracle Pearls Meditation

“PRAYER is when you talk to God                       MEDITATION is when God talks to you” The benefits...
Reiki and The Chakras

Reiki and the Chakras – How to Implement this Practice

Through my practice and teaching Reiki, I have noticed many Master teachers skipping over or...
Is Meditation Important

Is Meditation Important?

Meditation is not often taught as an important factor in modern Reiki practice. However, it...
Reiki Grids Ultimate source of Transmitting Power

Reiki Grids Ultimate Source of Transmitting Power

Hi Friends! Everyone uses electricity in one of other form in our daily life, which...
Reiki and Ethics

Reiki and Ethics

Doing Reiki everyday has made me so much more ethical as a person. Everyday while...
Reiki & energy Portals

Reiki and Energy Portals

As many of you know, Reiki is sentient, Source energy that we can channel and...
Reiki Basic

Understanding the Reiki Basics

Reiki is a beautiful healing method. Those who have been practicing it regularly with dedication...
Chakra Healing with Incense and Herbs

Chakra Healing with Incense and Herbs

We might have experienced drastic mood uplift while in fragrant atmosphere. Some of the fragrances...
Using Reiki for Major Life Decisions

Using Reiki for Major Life Decisions

All of us are faced with many decisions every day – When do I need...

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