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Active Meditation with Reiki

Active Reiki Meditation

Many of us learned to meditate by trying to rid ourselves of thoughts, for a period of time. If a thought appears in our minds, we acknowledge it and then let it go, drifting back to the state of no thoughts. It is an excellent way to still our overstimulated minds and relax into a [...]

Reiki and Working Out


A little technique that I have been incorporating off late was combining Reiki with my workouts. I have been using Reiki pre-and post workout and have been able to observe a significant difference in my workouts and muscle recovery. You can incorporate the same in your routines with a little improvisation depending on your fitness [...]

Healers Too Need Healing

Healers Too Need Healing

People are often surprised when Healers say they need healing. Even I used to wonder why healers used to ask healing from others. It was like, being a healer can't they heal themselves ? Are they not able to find out the reason for their problem? Why are they surprised? What they don't understand is [...]

Reiki for Animals


“There is absolutely nothing that Reiki cannot help heal.” This is one quote I came across and absolutely loved because it is so true. Reiki doesn’t just heal, it cares, loves and protects. Being a huge animal lover I will present to you how you can help animals through this wonderful energy. I often see [...]

Pyramid and Mirror Shield

Pyramid and Mirror Shield

Since ancient times mirrors and pyramids have been used as a ‘shielding tools’. One of my previous articles shows protection with mirror. Today, I shall show a technique, which invokes pyramids, mirrors and Reiki for protection. To be honest, this is not my personal shielding method, I was discussing shielding with a friend and she [...]

An Ah Ha Moment, Thanks to a Client

Anyone who works in the helping professions will tell you they learn as much (and sometimes more) from their clients, or patients, as they teach. One way the Universe gives us opportunities to learn is through the words and experiences of other people – these people can be a Reiki client, a coworker, an author, [...]

The Three Degrees of Reiki

The Three Degrees of Reiki

Across the world, Usui Reiki is generally offered in three degrees: Degree 1 This is the level in which a person is attuned by a Reiki Master for the very first time. This makes the person a channel for the energy to flow through. After an attunement to the first degree, the effect of Reiki [...]

Sei He Ki and Zonar

Sei He Ki and Zonar

Sei He Ki ( Mental / Emotional symbol) is a part of Usui Reiki and Zonar is a part of Karuna® Reiki, when combined the effect is powerful. Sei He Ki helps to bring about a mental and emotional balance and in doing so brings to light the causes of a condition, this is important [...]

Strengthening & Healing our Energy System with Reiki

Strengthening and healing our Energy System is paramount to our Ascension, to merging with our God-self (Higher Self) and expanding our consciousness. With the use of the mental/emotional symbol and the distance symbol (with Cho Ku Rei adding strength and power to the mix) we can heal ourselves from past traumas, indeed; we can even [...]

Reiki to Strengthen Bonds

little girl is holding dog outdoors

If you practice Reiki in your daily life, I’m sure you have noticed the warm and loving feeling that comes upon you as you send healing energy to something. No matter if you are sending healing to yourself, to another or to a situation, Reiki fosters and increases unconditional love. In fact, you could even [...]