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Your Reiki Spirit Guide

Your Reiki Spirit Guide

In my lineage of Reiki Masters, we were taught that each of us is assigned a Reiki Spirit Guide at the time of our Reiki I level attunement. This Spirit Guide works with us each time we do Reiki, whether it is for others or for ourselves. S/he assists us in reaching a meditative state, [...]

Just for Today I Will Not Be Angry


"You will not be punished for your anger, but you will be punished by your anger." - Buddha How very true! Anger is such a consuming emotion. It devours you and will leave you drained. But does that mean that you don’t ever have to be angry? Well..., no. It is not humanly possible to [...]

Unlock doors to Happiness

Recently I and my other healer friends came across few cases regarding houses/ property which have been locked for long periods of time or some people were not getting positive vibes staying in a particular house/property. Given below are few examples: The house had been locked up for months, due to occurrence of accidental deaths [...]

Gaining a higher perspective meditation with reiki & hawk energy

Often time’s people come to me asking for help with a problem that they have. It is not uncommon for that problem to be that they feel trapped in some area of their life and have no idea what to do to make the situation better. Everyone has the power to find out their own [...]

Reiki Infection

http://reikirays.com/podcast/ReikiRaysPodcast0046_M84.mp3 Another answer to the same question by Tammy Hatherill is here and by Ashwita Vajandar is here. Ask your own question here, and find the transcript for this podcast below. Hi, My name is Pat Cunningham. My mother is in hospital, she’s had a superbug – that’s what they’re calling it – which is resistant to [...]

Different Ways to Use Intention Slips

What are the Intention slips? Basically intention slip is just one of the tools to send your wishes to Universe and to make your dreams manifest faster with the Divine Blessings. You are not new to intention slips if you are a Reiki practitioner or a spiritual healer. It makes healing easier and faster and [...]

Reiki and Asperger’s

Reiki and Asperger’s

Talk about a massive year for me!! I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s, so finally, finally, FINALLY my life has fallen into place! I’m thrilled to have a ‘label’ even though I’m aware some people prefer not to be labelled. For me it’s been a HUGE relief. Life and my challenges thus far make sense to [...]

Opening Surrendering Giving Thank

It can become very easy to think of Reiki as a method of “fixing” things that are broken. It is such a wonderful tool to help us when we injure ourselves or when we are ill. It can help soothe us when we are feeling anxious, sad or angry. It can ease our pain. It [...]

Lotus Flower Meditation

Lotus Flower Meditation

Earth laughs in flowers, Part - 2 In the previous article we have seen why a chakra is symbolized in the form of a lotus flower. In continuation, the lotus or Nelumbo nucifera symbolizes purity, peace, serenity. It calms the mind, when connecting to it, it opens our heart centre and also aids in improving speech [...]

Top 3 ways to use reiki with special needs kids and families

I have been a teaching assistant for children with special needs both in a traditional classroom setting as well as with dance therapy in a dance studio. I absolutely love seeing these kids succeed and making any kind of small difference that I can in their lives. I have met so many lovely and interesting [...]

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