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The Ascended Masters Series Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance and prosperity. She is invoked during significant Hindu rituals and her energies are considered highly auspicious. Her energy is powerful yet softly feminine and this is one reason many women have a special affinity for Lakshmi. She helps bring love and grace into our homes and our lives. My [...]

Healing the Collective Consciousness

Many who become Reiki healers do so because they or someone they love is in great need of healing. Their wish is to feel better or to have a tool to assist a suffering loved one. But often as we continue on the path, we see that healing ourselves is only the beginning. In fact, [...]

Modeling Reiki for the Younger Generations

In the fourteen years that I have been a Reiki practitioner, there has been tremendous growth. There are many more Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters. A higher percentage of people have heard of Reiki and are curious about it. There is a proliferation of books, webinars and websites on the Internet. It is a blessing [...]

Fearless Life with Reiki

Fearless Life with Reiki

Fear of rejection is the third strongest fear of the humans after the fear of failure and fear of death. This is a kind of social fear and it generates due to fear of loneliness and also sometimes you are afraid of asking for anything from anyone. This fear is present in almost everyone. Children [...]

Negativity You Allow in

Negativity is something that I have covered a few different times here on Reiki Rays. There are always so many questions surrounding negative energy. Once people realize that their life is being affected by negative energy it is usually because the level of negativity has gotten so strong that the client is left feeling desperate [...]

Dancing Trail

Dancing Trail

This article is about signs and synchronicities. As you read through the article you will come to know why I have chosen to name this article so. I have been observing signs and synchronicities of the Universe for a long time. It doesn’t matter how much of it tallies with the reality or how much [...]

The Life


What is the life? A very genuine question whose answer we all strive to find out. There are different opinions by different people. The spiritual, scientific, and philosophical scholars have different answers on the bases of their researches and wisdom. In general, life is considered as the property that differentiates living being from nonliving being. [...]

Reiki and Selenite

reiki and selenite

Do you remain confused, stressed, torn when you have to take decisions, constant negative thoughts, unable to connect to any form of spirituality, then Selenite is the crystal for you. It is a crystal of high vibrational resonance and named after Selene, the Greek goddess of Moon as it glows like a moon. Selenite comes [...]

The Importance of Shadow Work

Shadow Work

As energy workers and light workers, it can seem really tempting to keep our attention only on the aspects of ourselves that we like or that we feel are “spiritual” enough. We can feel tempted to resist the aspects of our personality that cause us to feel triggered, angry, sad, worried or fearful and to [...]

Different Ways of Cord Cutting

Different ways of Cord Cutting

What are etheric cords? In simple terms, etheric cords are those unseen ropes/cords that attach you to another human or objects in the form of addiction. These cords are most often fear based cords or negative attachment we develop with another person or object. When you cut these cords, it does not mean you are [...]

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