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Using Mudras in Meditaiton for Reiki II

Using Mudras in Meditation for Reiki II

When I started teaching Reiki in 2008, I decided to write my own meditations for...
Prosperity Symbol Vasudha

Prosperity Symbol Vasudha

Vasudha is an alternative Reiki symbol. It is taught in Karuna® Reiki as an additional...

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Connecting to the Present

It is an inherent tendency of the Humans to either live in the past or...
Violet Flame

Lead a Righteous Path by the Grace of Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel ("Righteousness of God" / "Knowledge of God" / "Justice of God") or Hesediel...
The Sacredness of a Reiki Space

The Sacredness of a Reiki Space

Personally I consider my Reiki room as a sacred space and prepare it accordingly. Reiki for...
Reiki and Mantras

Reiki and Mantras

It’s been a long time since I wrote something and when I was sitting today...
I Am Worthy

I Am Worthy

A client informed me she had just started a new job, with substantially higher pay...
Illuminate Your Trueself Every New Moon

Illuminate Your Trueself Every New Moon

New Moon is a great day to start healing for any purpose and doing commitments. I...
Quick Money Ritual

Quick Money Ritual

Though very unlike me, I thought of sharing a money ritual today, which has helped...
New Moon

New Moon Reiki Rocks

The new moon is the phase when the moon is not directly visible as it...
Reiki and fertility

Case Study – Reiki and Fertility

Article by Natasha Harris Reiki has once again blown me away. I realise more and more that...
Practicing Gyoshi-Ho

Practicing Gyoshi-Ho

It is one of the japanese Reiki techniques of sending the loving Universal Life Force...
A Millennials Perspective on Reiki

A Millennial’s Perspective on Reiki – Does the Age of a Reiki Practitioner Matter?

Does the age of a Reiki practitioner make a difference when it comes to channeling...
Reiki Meditation

Communicate with Your Body with Reiki

Have you ever heard your body talking to you? No? It does. And all the...
A different method to send Reiki

A Different Method to Send Reiki

A few years ago, I was requested, by a Reiki Master friend of mine, to...

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