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Tiger Reiki

Few days ago I got a call from my client. Lets name her Mindy. She was in deep distress. She suspected that she was under the attack of evil spirits and further complained of lack of concentration, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and so on. After hearing Mindy's problems, I closed my eyes and meditated on [...]

What are Attunements All About

One of the most strange and mysterious things about Reiki to those first investigating it is the attunement process. Even the word “attunement” leaves a bit of mystery. It sounds like a vague and unknown thing that is impossible to wrap the mind around because there is nothing in the experience to compare it to. [...]

Distant Healing With Crystals

We are not unknown to amazing beauty and healing properties of crystals. Most of us are habituated with crystal grids for distant healing and manifestation. Not many are aware that even single stone can be programmed for distant healing. Though crystal grid is more favorable as there are pencils placed that directs energy towards the [...]

Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki

All of us have stories of “quick” healings with using Reiki. Usually, these immediate healings occur when Reiki is applied soon after a minor injury, or when the emotional issue is related to a current event. Typically, a client with a chronic condition does not experience an immediate healing. One hour of Reiki generally does [...]

Energy and Conception

Energy and Conception

For the past two years I have had a couple of cases of women seeking IVR treatment, one a lady in early forties and one in her thirties, both frantic to get pregnant to save their marriages. I was trying hard not to be judgemental but it did disturb me. As I read and come [...]

Reiki and Omens

Reiki and Omens

The omen is a kind of signal or portent, which indicates upcoming good or bad events. The universe sends you indications all the times and many of which we ignore due to lack of knowledge or we don’t want to think on that. Reiki is the energy that helps you to recognize those omens and [...]

butterfly in hands - fairytale and trust

When I first began writing for Reiki Rays, I wrote Reiki and Christianity. My intention was to address a few of the many spiritual questions surrounding Reiki, particularly as I had seen them arise in relation to Christians. Since that time, I have experienced more with Reiki, with the online community through writing about Reiki [...]

Confused about the Reiki Symbols

The Reiki symbols are taught and passed on from teacher to student through a Reiki attunement. Usually students first contemplate the meaning and then practice drawing the symbols until they feel familiar. During the attunement the teacher transmits the energy of the meaning of each symbol so that each time the student uses the symbol [...]

Smoky Quartz and Reiki

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the very powerful stone, which is also called “Stone of power”.  Smoky quartz has vast healing properties such as grounding, protection, attracts prosperity, psychic protection, EMF protection, mood changer and more… Personally, I consider Smoky Quartz as very under-rated stone, it is literally an all-purpose stone which has multiple amazing [...]

Finding Peace in the Face of Past Trauma

How do your past experiences affect your life today? Do you find yourself struggling to with your daily activities? How are you affected mentally, physically or spiritually? Past trauma can raise havoc with our present day relationships, our ability to make a living, and our security by eroding self-esteem or complicating our lives with depression [...]